I came across this write-up on the ianyan magazine blog recently about Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories, a project that addresses the Turkish-Armenian conflict through the sharing of stories between women within those cultures. Being Armenian, this is a subject that is close to my heart. I have been raised with a hefty dose of cultural pride crossbred with hatred toward the Turks as a remnant of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (find out more about that HERE). I was excited to read about Beyond Borders because of its vision of connection through dialogue and its promotion of peace and understanding.  The project’s founder, Milena Abrahamyan, writes: “We believe that women should take peace into their own hands and one way to begin is by sitting down with one another, across borders and across difference, to tell our stories.” Amen to that.

More: The Beyond Borders: Linking Our Stories initiative is a collaboration between volunteers and staff of two women’s organizations in Armenia and Turkey. We aim to collect a number of interviews from women in both countries, to transcribe, translate and post each story on our blog, to hold a conference in Sirince, Turkey in July 2013 with 14 participants from both sides, to hold workshops on conflict transformation and theater techniques, and to produce a final performance based on the collected stories. We will also publish two books: one in Armenian and Turkish only, and one in English. A short film will be made documenting the meeting and the final performance in Sirince. And finally, a second performance and book release will be held in Yerevan, Armenia.

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EndnoteIf you are ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, then you are a fool and certain to be defeated in every battle. If you know yourself, but not your enemy, for every battle won, you will suffer. If you know your enemy and yourself, you will win every battle. Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Sidenote: The Blind Dates Project is hosting a conference titled Strategies of (un)Silencing in Yerevan this weekend for those that are near.


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