This post was supposed to be about Sheila Heti’s book How Should A Person Be? that I started reading earlier this week. I even typed out a long passage from the prologue about her best friend Margeaux whose first words were Who cares? But then I started googling around for info on Sheila Heti and came across a post on Vice titled “I Don’t Want to Read Any More Books About Straight White People Having Sex.” And now I want to post about that because I like what its author (Blake Butler) has to say (particularly about art). For example:


31. You can’t tell a better story than the color green, but you can wield green.


Another example:


23. I like art that seems to want to be destroyed; I like art that takes Chekhov’s gun off the wall and aims it at the reader; I like art that makes me have no idea what I should do now; I like art that changes how I think about a single object, or what could happen; I like art that makes other people angry and nothing else; I like neither the answer nor the question but the space between the two. I couldn’t give a shit who you have sex with or how.


I like Heti’s book. Blake Butler likes it too (read #5) but this isn’t about liking it. This is about everything beyond it and remembering how to keep grasping for it. Because:


32. Every instant there’s more world.



xx GD


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