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Our friend Becky told me about this delicious thing called Bieler’s Healing Broth along with this tidbit about David Lynch:

From Food and Wine Magazine:

You famously used to have a milk shake at Bob’s Big Boy almost every day for lunch—what do you eat for lunch now?

I have something called Dr. Bieler’s broth. It is parsley, zucchini, green beans and celery, and you cook it and then blend it into a thick, green soup. Dr. Bieler invented it as a kind of purifier, I think, in the 1960s. Then I have seven almonds with that.

Why seven?

Well, I like the number seven, and so, you know, it just seems like the right amount.


The broth is thick and delicious – I recommend it.  Also, I have made different versions with some additions like kale and tomatoes.

Make some today! LINK


xx SG