Today was a gorgeous fall day – perfect for a day in the wilds of the mountains along some trail.  Oh the fresh, crisp air of fall in Los Angeles.  Sad to say I am sick at home but my future fantasies have been stacking up by the bed along with hills of tissue, magazines and books.

Here are some things in my future:  art projects!, finishing up a winter cd, driving somewhere beautiful and going for a walk, a visit to the sea, a dance party with myself – dance party with you?, letter writing, secret fun things, adventures all the time, a scavenger hunt, leaving the house and not coming back for awhile, pasadena central library i miss you and will see you soon, driving around late at night with the music really loud, some drinks, some tasteful meals (tasteful in the sense that my taste buds will be working again), some good love, seeing friends – shoot I would be happy to even see some adversaries – no wait, that is the cold talking, friends + adventures with friends!

Side Note // I haven’t been able to visit my parents (Mom + Poppy) for weeks and I miss them so.  That is probably part of the reason why I have been so into Poppies – here are some heirloom varieties I really like:  here and here.

PS. Snowflake kleenex is not the best idea for colds.

xx SG

stefani greenwood