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I love Louis Theroux.  I fell in love with him while watching all of his Weird Weekends where he travels around and shows us all the things we have wanted to see like – alien hunters, porn stars, indian gurus and so much more.  (I have them all on DVD if you want to come over!)

Here is what Louis says about the series:

Weird weekends sets out to discover the genuinely odd in the most ordinary setting. To me, it’s almost a privilege to be welcomed into these communities and to shine a light on them and, maybe, through my enthusiasm, to get people to reveal more of themselves than they may have intended. The show is laughing at me, adrift in their world, as much as at them. I don’t have to play up that stuff. I’m not a matinee idol disguised as a nerd.

I fell in love all over again when I read his book, Call of the Weird  (pictured above) where he revists many of the people from Weird Weekends.  And now again, after watching Extreme Love: Dementia which made me cry cry cry.  I’m actually off to visit my bachan at Garden Crest right now – a strange world – what Louis calls a twilight world.

I suggest everything by him – he is kind and warm, very intriguing, super cute and just all around amazing.  His smarts are even with what seems to me a genuine love and interest in life. LT!



xx SG