We’ve been fans of DUM DUM ZINE here at Observation Point since our A COLLECTION OF days (remember this?). So we were thrilled to hear that DUM DUM has a 3rd issue in the works! The issue (called PUNKS & SCHOLARS) will come in a box and will feature experimental literature, essays, photography, and objects, as “a literary time capsule, a record of what’s happening with publishing in the space between what it was and when we started breaking the rules again.” Pretty cool.

The issue will include an essay on the failure of punk by L.A.’s own Part Time Punk/Part Time Professor, Michael Stock, a functional literary object by Adam J. Kurtz, a narrative mixtape by Rebekah Weikel of Penny-Ante Editions, the second piece in a forthcoming short story collection by founder Taleen Kalenderian, and more! But it needs our support to get it off the ground! Click HERE to support this cause and help get this awesome zine off the press and into the hands of the people!

ABOUT: DUM DUM Zine publishes experimental lit and art that embraces hybrid, transmedia forms. In the past, they’ve featured text message interviews, sonic literature, how-to stories, video poetry, and even serialized radio plays. Based out of Los Angeles, DUM DUM is also a collective of thinkers all over the country who collaborate on creating new, experimental work.



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