Serge and I attempted to make a Spinach Cake.  It sounded strange and interesting to the both of us and I would say that it was just that but really beautiful too.

The day of making it the cake seemed watery but by the next day it was much better.  I thought it was a good try on our part and a good start to something but it wasn’t enough for me and not really something I would want to eat a lot of at once – I guess that is why David Lebovitz says it is an accompaniment and suggests wild fried mushrooms or slices of smoked ham.

Try it though! And maybe do what my dad suggested and top it with some beautiful tomatoes and some peels of parmesan.  RECIPE

PS.  The paper that is used in the lower image is from a super cool shop called Garde.  Check it out cause I think you will like it!


xx SG