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AHHHHH this is one of the coolest things ever.  Like dream come true awesomeness.  Right now the people that brought you grow your own mushrooms at home have now invented an at home aquaponics kit.  Right now they are finishing up a Kickstarter run where you can pledge to help this project come to life.  Also, if you pledge 50.00 or more you will get your very own kit.  There are 7 days left – click away my friends!

From their Kickstarter:

So what’s happening? The fish, they poo and they pee, and all that waste-water gets broken down by beneficial bacteria into nutrients. 

The waste-water from the fish is then pumped up & upcycled as an awesome organic fertilizer for the plants. The plants take up the nutrients and, at the same time, clean the water which then falls back down for the fish.

There is no soil – the plants are growing just on rocks – all the nutrients coming from the fish (no need for any artificial fertilizers – it’s all organic!!)

There is no need to clean the water because of the plants – it’s a self-cleaning fish tank!


Thanks Back To The Roots for making dreams come true (and in a stylish and convenient manner)!

Also, here is a little JJ Fad cause who can say aquaponics without hearing SUPERSONIC!


Still really excited! A closed loop ecosystem in your kitchen… in my kitchen too! YES!

xx SG

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