Gilda and I just met a really cool artist named Miggie Wong (thanks Akina!).  We were both really excited about the project she told us about – The Houses of Boxes Houses Project 2012.  (so into that title!)

Here is her description from her Facebook page:

Dear boxes fellows Thank You for waiting. This is Time to “Take Home”! Please notcied: There will be 25 House Boxes made this year due on 15Dec12. Feel free to comment ‘Take Home’ to claim the box. Each of them sized 4x4x4 in. priced in ‘heart price’ (pay by your heart from $10), please understand there may be some are priced higher as “star price” (pay by your heart from $30) . Location to ‘take home’ TBA.Once Again Thank You very much for your participation, Have fun take home!

Featured above is one of my favorites called Sleepwalkers.  There are so many awesome boxes and on December 15th you can join in the fun and festivities and perhaps even get your own house box.  Make sure to check out Miggie‘s website!

December 15th  12-5 pm

Automata /  504 Chung King Court  /  Los Angeles, CA90012

Another project I really liked by her is the Static Balloon Electric Study – Participants are invited to walk on the balloon hallway and move around to observe and experience the nature of static electricity.


xx SG



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