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This is the last of the baking posts (i think…) for awhile.  No matter what my mood I can always make some cookies – in fact I think I realized that it is a mood booster for me.  It is so weird how it takes so long for yourself to dawn on yourself.  H E L L O.

So, I didn’t have an egg and thought hmmm… of course I searched on my favorite sites and found a super recipe from last year’s 12 Days of Cookies on Lottie + Doof.  To make this recipe even more enticing one of our other favorites was teamed up with Tim, Amelia from Bon Appétempt! The lovelies featured a delicious and green colored (!!!) Evergreen Shortbread Cookie (which featured Douglas Fir tea which I just happened to have! Magic!).  I had some lavender powder and was missing my friend Chrissy (who loves lavender) and made a lavender version which was not as good (toooo strong) but still enjoyable for a couple of bites (especially when thinking of memories with C).

If you are gonna binge do it with baking.


xx SG

stefani greenwood, photography, design
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