Nori_portrait, nori dog, nori poodle, stefani greenwood

Over the holidays we had an emergency with one of the sweetest dogs on the planet, Nori.  Unbeknownst  to us he ate some underwear and for days had that wad of fabric clogging his intestines.  My parents olfactory senses were exposed to some pretty extreme, vile bile.  They took him to the emergency vet where he was given an ultrasound and my parents were given the advice to do emergency surgery or Nori would not make it.  While doing the surgery they also discovered that he had aspirated vomit and had pneumonia.  It was so nuts you guys.  Poor, sweet, handsome Nori had to be resucitated, required IV’s and needed oxygen.  Serge and I had friends staying with us and they were so kind in coming with us to visit (thank you friends!).  The good news is that Nori is at home now, eating, wagging his tail and looking at us with that twinkle in his eyes again.

The image below is what the veterinarian report called a “foreign object” (removed) Nasty!

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the staff at the Animal Emergency Medical Clinic in Torrance.  Thank you so very much!  xx SG



stefani greenwood, photographer