Unearthed during the holidays (accidentally) was an egg carton full of beautiful eggs handpainted by me and my mom – the year – 1981!  The above is her precisely super cute drawing and below is mine.  God how I wish I could go out into the garden and have a tea and a good talk with that duckie.  Speaking of unearthing aren’t the holidays a time for buried and hidden things to come out.  (oh hello time capsule of my doodles and correspondences).  For me it is a combination of looking back, looking forward and an unusual amount of family time and sweets.  Also in the mix are dreams, late night wishes and so many good friends.  What a time!  Glad to have it but glad to be over it.  I am like a grinch blowing bubbles.

Possible songs on the radio while painting eggs.

Andy Warhol’s time capsules / LINK

xx SG