The Situationists have a hold on me. They really do.

Here is a game I like to play and maybe you will to:

A Derive – Take a piece of paper and write – 1 mile Left, 1 mile Right, 2 mile Left, 2 mile Right, 3 mile Left, 3 mile Right  x 2.  Then cut and fold up each individual length (1.e. 1 mile Left) and put them all in a bag.  Randomly choose a paper from the bag – Get in your car or on you bike and go the specified distance.  I like to make a picture at each stop but other ideas are to take something from the place (something natural? something blue?) or you could leave something (a favorite word and definition, a love note)  Do this until you don’t want to do it anymore.

The above images are from a recent derive that had us winding around the streets of Pasadena and ending up in Boyle Heights.  Sometimes (well, a lot of times lately) I wonder what are the things that I can do to make myself feel better – this is one of those things.  It was so fun and reinvigorated my spirits.


xx SG


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