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On a recent trip out to Desert Hot Springs we stopped at the Cal-Earth Institute in Hesperia.  Dream come true!

Look at these amazing structures – the shapes, the vibes the radicalness.

Located in the Mojave Desert, Cal-Earth is at the cutting edge of Earth and Ceramic Architecture technologies today…The technology and designs developed at Cal-Earth are inspired by timeless principles in architecture: the universal natural elements, the arch and its derivatives of the vault, dome, and apse; sustainable energy, natural geometry and symmetry of structure, the unity of tension and compression… This building system focuses on housing as a basic human right, and on the economic empowerment of people by participating in creating their own homes and communities, while at the same time addressing today’s global needs: preserving natural resources and energy, halting deforestation, slowing pollution and global warming, promoting health, healing communities and cultures shattered by globalization, sheltering the homeless and refugees.


Started by Nader Khalili, architect, author, humanitarian, teacher, and innovator of the Geltaftan Earth-and-Fire system known as Ceramic Houses, and of the Superadobe construction system.





I was so impressed by the structures and hope to be able to make one somewhere.  Our tour guide talked about how it would take one day for 6 people who know what they are doing to create one of the basic shelters.  One day! And they are soooo not temporary.  There are a couple shelters on the property that have been around since the early 90’s!  There were many different types – some had stoves, plumbing, storage and electrical (depending on what you have access to).  Truly amazing.

Also, the first Saturday of every month they have a pot-luck and tour that is free!

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stefani greenwood photographer
Antelope valley Indian Museum, Stefani Greenwood