On my recent Derive around Los Angeles we ended up in Boyle Heights.  I always like to check the LA Weekly Best of App to see what there is wherever I am – hidden gems and other places I should know about and voila!  El Mercado where Sonia’s Artesanias shop is located with the most delicious prepared Mole’s by the Rivas Food company.  The above image is of three different very tasty Mole’s – Two are from Oaxaca and one was so good that I wasn’t listening to Sonia when I was taste testing it.

The price is right – 10 dollars per lb and note that a little goes a long way.  We got half lbs and still have some left!

The Rivas Food Company website has a funny quote: Please have in mind that there will always be someone that eats a lot more.  That person is me!


xx SG


PS. We also got some churros and they were like the best churros ever – crispy, fluffy, sweet!

stefani greenwood, photography