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A great time was had by all at a recent celebration for my Granny who turned 90!  I made a whole bunch of paper decorations – flowers and flags.  We had a make your own sandwich bar, fruit punch, homemade coleslaw and orzo+tomato salad and a gorgeous chocolate cake.  One of the best parts was the piñata.  (Serge and I had an earlier conversation about how it always seemed a bit cruel to beat something but you know what it was so much fun and I am wondering if fun outweighs the weight of beating a paper object – Yes, yes it does!).  Also, I had made these pull piñatas but didn’t end up using them – except for one when Gilda came over and showered herself with confetti.

Here is some confetti hair goodness:



So happy to have been able to celebrate this awesome day with my Granny!


I am inspired by interesting people and like to look at the blog Advanced Style – check out her post on women between 90 and 99.  So cool.

xx SG


stefani greenwood