becky yamamoto, stefani greenwood, forever

becky yamamoto, stefani greenwood, forever


Becky Yamamoto is one of my most favorite people.  She lives in New York and when she visits we have a blast going around Los Angeles, reminiscing (about high school crushes and bands like The Lemonheads), eating delicious foods and looking for Ryan Gosling.  Thanks to Tasting Table we found out about the restaurant Best Shawarma in Glendale.  It was super good and the service was great (we got the lamb, the chicken and sampled the harissa soup)! We also tried the Tarragon flavored Saamo – which Becky is advertising in the first picture.

Also, you are probably wondering if Becky really painted that Matt Damon Portrait and she did!

Watch Becky perform at ELECTRIC! Even better watch Becky Yamamoto LIVE tomorrow night, June 8th at the Laugh Factory – an All Star Comedy event!

and now watch Evan Dando perform Being Around.  Oh man, wouldn’t it be amazing if I said – Even better watch Evan and Becky perform together in my living room tonight! Well, I said it but it isn’t true.


xx SG


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