I was lucky enough to receive a huge bag full of homegrown lemons from a friend’s dad the other day.  They were beautiful, fragrant and abundant – what to do with them?!

I candied some slices and some peel which turned out gorgeous but I thought they would be more tart.  I am going to make some sort of lemon loaf and incorporate the candied peel – I am excited about this.

My dear friend Dave Burton is obsessed with citrus and I learned from him that the origin of citrus is in Asia.  Also, experts agree that the original citrus grove can be traced back to 4000 BC somewhere in Southeast Asia- How Amazing!

I can smell the freshness of lemon right now! Sniff Sniff

UC Berkeley researcher Moustafa Bensafi says “It has long been known that the act of sniffing, without any odor present, induces neural activity in the primary olfactory cortex, the region of the brain involved in odor perception.” The researchers believe their results suggest that this sniff-induced neural activity is, in fact, a fundamental component of the olfactory perception, a part of the brain’s representation of smell.

“As far as the brain is concerned,” Bensafi concluded, “a sniff and a smell are equally important components in the perception of odor.” (Link)


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