San Simeon, 2012

While on a road trip with friends up to Big Sur we saw this very adorable squirrel or is it a chipmunk? I think it is a squirrel based on these criteria: A chipmunk can be identified by the five dark brown stripes that run from its head to its tail, which is often upright. A squirrel, meanwhile, has thirteen stripes in total that are also dark brown and run the length of its body. A squirrel does not, however, have stripes on its face… A chipmunk can mostly be found in forested areas, where it can find trees and bushes that provide fruit, nuts and seeds. Ground squirrels, however, like to live in grassy areas, which why they are often seen in parks and golf courses. (LINK)

Just look at that cuteness – the way the paws are holding on!  The words paw fetish came into my mind, also our friend Becky Yamamoto who loves to touch cat paws.  There is such a thing as a paw fetish – check it out – LINK


xx SG