stefani greenwood, dave burton, bon voyage, delicious meal

stefani greenwood, dave burton, bon voyage

These are some of the dirty dishes from my last meal for possibly two years with my friend Dave and his lovely wife Lindsey.  Here is what I made:

1.  Thank you New York Times for your article on cold soups – I made the Pureed Carrot and it was simple, easy and very delicious.

2.  Thank you Mark Bittman for always inspiring me.  I made the Orange and Olive salad from Zucca’s – a surprising and intriguing experience.

3. Thank you Kitchn! I made the Chickpea, Barley and Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Mint and Feta (minus the feta)- leftovers were something I looked forward to having for lunch!

4.  Another Mark Bittman favorite is the Raw Beet salad.  This is a gorgeous and tasty salad.

5.  Potato Pancake from one of my favorite shops, William Sonoma.  This was good but not amazing.  When dipped into fancy mustards we liked it much more.

We had wine, great conversation and melon for dessert.


xx SG


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