stefani greenwood, painting with pollen, lily pollen, lines

stefani greenwood, painting with pollen, lily pollen, lines

I had some beautiful lilies on my dining room table that smelled so good that just by looking at these pictures I am having a scent memory.(remember on ACO we made a list of readers scent memories?)  What are a few of your favorite scents?

But this post is about collecting the dropped stems and then mixing the pollen with water to make a “paint”.  I like making things from found things.  I also like googling everything which is how I learned about a new artist (to me) Wolfgang Laib.

Laib, a German artist, also conjures ideas about appreciativeness and immersion but through very different artistic means. During the spring and summer of each year, Laib collects grains of pollen from the trees and flowers around his home in southern Germany and then presents the pollen in jars or sifts it onto the floor, creating square “fields” of reverberating visual power. (LINK)


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stefani greenwood, photography, design
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