Parker Kaufman, ParkerBot, Handmade Notecard, Visually Impaired

Parker Kaufman,  SHIH-TZU, visually impaired, handmade notecard

Um… are these not some of the most super rad looking cards ever?  If you are new to the blog you might not know about my friend, the fantastic Parker Kaufman.  Check out his ACO post and learn more about him.

Taken from his website (take a stroll over there!):

I am a visually impaired artist who works in various media to create Art Cards and projects for framing. My work is a direct result of my vision, or lack of it, and my childlike imagination.

I left a career as an accountant for a less stressful lifestyle. I wanted to put my feelings and ideas into a visual form, to weave my world and life into tangible art just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

As a young boy I was inspired by the incredible talent of my great uncle, a physically challenged artist who received accolades for his works, some that hung in the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and others featured in the Butler Museum of Art in Youngstown, OH. I aspired to one day have my artwork affect viewers as his did me.

My work consists of computer generated images printed on card stock, accented with pen and pencil, combined with freehand designs, hand cut and layered to achieve a textural or dimensional quality. Designs are duplicated but no two are exactly alike.

xx SG

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