Serge Monkewitz, Lottie + Doof, Tote Bag, Cutie

Stefani Greenwood, Polaroid, Society of the Spectacle, Cool glasses

The other day I had a great photo session with my friend Ava for a Kate Bush inspired show at Synchronicity coming up August 10 and 11.

Synchronicity Space: 713 Heliotrope, LA, CA 90029

I was inspired by our photo madness and here are two from a late night/white wall session.  Serge is wearing one of my favorite things – my Lottie + Doof tote bag.  I love that thing, that blog and of course T I M!  When I look at that tote bag I think of all the cool stuff that has happened, the insaneness of the internet, pen pals, deliciousness, special moments, how much happens in what seems like such little time, stories, dreaming while looking out the window. And of course Gilda!


PS. The glasses I am wearing are my new glasses from Society of The Spectacle – I love them!

PPS. Stand in front of a fan and dance with a sword.

stefani greenwood