Stefani Greenwood, Fly entering trap

Stefani Greenwood, Three flowers in the darkness

Stefani Greenwood, Carnivorous Plants

H E L L O heaven.

California Carnivores is one of the very best places on earth.  Not only do they have everything you could ever want to see up close and personal, they are so nice and so knowledgeable.  The day we went we were taken on a personal tour by a very nice young man who shared latin names, facts and enthusiasm with us.  I highly recommend this nursery if you are in Sebastopol, California.  If you aren’t going there soon you can always order online!

We have bought a Cape Sundew – D.Capensis / Narrow Red Leaf and it is happily living on our patio.  All we have to do is make sure it has distilled water + sun.

I was so happy to have my macro lens with me because there were so many up close details that were simply amazing!

California Carnivores 
2833 Old Gravenstein Highway South
Sebastopol, California 95472

Here are some more images because I just can’t not show you!  And also, two things that came to mind: It’s a trap! & It’s almost a trap!

Stefani Greenwood, California Carnivores

Stefani Greenwood, Carnivorous Plant

Stefani Greenwood, Carnivorous Plant