Here are two of my favorite pictures from the moody redwoods on a mild summer day.  A natural kiss and a carved wainwright which caused rufus’s voice to sing to me.  Maybe that was why I felt so much drama and romance beneath those trees.

Visit the Armstrong Redwoods State Park! There are really easy walks that are handicap accessible.  They even had a rope installed along the side of the trail and encouraged sighted visitors to close their eyes to experience the forest differently. I felt a little bit scared, time felt like it was going by slowly and I was surprised at how little distance I would go but how much sensory information I would gather.

Check out Bill Irwin, who with his Seeing Eye dog Orient, is the only blind person to have completed the 2,168 mile Appalachian Trail.

Also check out Mike Hanson who is blind and almost hiked the whole thing but had to stop early for a business opportunity to help develop produce assistive technology to provide real time information to persons with visual impairments.

Post hike cravings? Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk


xx SG

Stefani Greenwood, Fields of flowers
stefani greenwood photographer