A new blog to check out is – The Savage Gentleman by my friend Aaron (you might remember him from his ACO interview).  The Savage gentleman will be filled with interesting information, documentation of wild adventures and culinary tips to mention a few.  I am looking forward to making it a daily stop!

From his wesbite:

My love of the outdoors began like many young men, with the Boy Scouts. It was the spark that set the fire. Scouting and the outdoors never leaves you, and this case it led to bushcraft, survival and various outdoor explorations. With the Boy Scouts well in the background; I’ve been searching out the next step, the next landscape, the next adventure.

 I am a food enthusiast who’s love for the culinary world brought me to become a classically trained Chef working under Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller, and The Riviera Country Club. Often times, being on the trail or in camp is thought to be far away from fine dining, white table clothes and sometimes completely devoid of anything palatable. While eating a scorpion for sustenance in an emergency is rarely going to be the Tavern on the Green, eating under the sky doesn’t always have to go down so hard. A little creativity, a little bushcraft and a Le Cordon Bleu pedigree helps a bit.

 I’m here to blend my favorite things in life. Food, Being Healthy, Staying in Shape, The World Outside, and Bushcraft. I might sneak a little bit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in for you too.

Image featured: Solanum Nigrum cousin of the tomato!  Learn more here at The Savage Gentleman!

xx SG

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