Stefani Greenwood, Fields of flowers

I am not sure how I came across this but I was lucky enough to have it come back into my life and now I am sharing it with you.  Max Ehrmann wrote the above prose in 1927, Deseridata (Desired Things) and I have been keeping it close to my heart.

By myself by the light of this darn computer life can seem so impossible, strange and confusing.  Family, friends, love, work, play, rest, this and that and oh man all the other stuff.  When I read this text I am reminded that no matter where I am before or after internet, before or after me, the strive for happiness and a good, quality life will also be at the core of humanity.

We are all children of the universe.

Light some incense and bang a gong dudes.  I didn’t know this but when this song came out things happened in Bolan and Peel’s friendship and it was over –

JOHN: Well, when Marc saw the doors he’d been banging on for so long suddenly start to open, he did go a bit mad. It was one of those things where I phoned up to see what we’d be doing next weekend, and somebody answered the phone and said, “Look, Marc’s very busy. Can he call you back?” And then he never did. You feel mildly offended, but life’s too short.


xx SG

Stefani Greenwood, Nancy Picot Riegelman, New Mastadon Book Store