Stefani Greenwood, House Mushrooms, Yellow Beauties

The other day I noticed some brightly colored teeny tiny mushroomy things in my bathroom fern.  Before I knew it they were big, full and quite beautiful mushrooms.  Of course I immediately went to google and found out that they are the Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, aka the yellow house mushroom.  They like warm, moist places and are not harmful to you or your pets unless they are eaten. When I see things like this the world tuns bright again because there are still so many things that are yet to be discovered (by me, by you, by the world…)

When I first googled house mushroom I wrote mushroom house and found this – LINK  and then this magic mushroom house!

I recommend the NYtimes blog, Notes From The Field/Scientists at Work.


xx SG

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