First of all ewwwww dudes! Check out these mushrooms I sliced open (just call me Dr. Greenwood).  Ewwww and ohhhhh and ewwwwwww.

Second of all – Mushroom posts back to back – Yeah!

I found this video of a project, The Secret Sounds of Spores created by Yann Seznec and Patrick Hickey with falling spores creating sounds – In order to make the falling spores visible, a laser beam is shone underneath the mushrooms, below the gills. Any spores passing through this beam flash briefly in the light. These light patterns are captured by a digital video camera, which sends the video data to a computer, where it is analyzed in real time. The computer then controls a series of custom built musical notes hanging from the ceiling. Music is therefore created by the mushroom instantly, and the listener can see the connection between the falling mushroom spores and the sounds being created.

The site is really cool and has tons of stuff on how to grow mushrooms, mushrooms that eat plastic and so much more!


xx SG

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