Stefani Greenwood, Blackberries, Lottie and Doof

There is nothing like your sweetheart coming home from being away.  I was over on Lottie and Doof and spotted this blackberry sonker recipe and knew it was the delicious treat that should welcome my husband back.  It was so easy to make and was super delicious. I loved the tang from the biscuits on top and the dip that was poured on top that really tasted like vanilla ice cream.

In case you are wondering –  sonker n. a type of berry pie or cobbler. Editorial Note: This appears to be specific to the area near Mount Airy, N.C. Etymological Note: Perh. fr. Sc./Brit. Eng. songle, singill, single, ‘a handful of grain or gleanings,’ or from Sc. sonker ‘to simmer, to boil slightly.’  This interesting tidbit was found on the site A Way with Words a public radio program about language examined through history, culture, and family.


Thanks Tim! And thank you Ashley English!

xx SG

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