Stefani Greenwood, Photography

Stefani Greenwood, Eggplant

A frequent stop for us is Bon Appetempt by Amelia Morris (read her interview on A Collection Of!).  She is always trying new things, new recipes and always makes us laugh (and she just moved to the eastside! Lets run into each other soon!).  On her site she has talked a lot about the book Tender and her praise (words like – love, two for two, idol) have stayed with me so much so that nearly a year later I am in Williams Sonoma peering under the sale table and find one copy of Tender by Nigel Slater.  Sold!

My husband and I looked through the book and decided on our first meal – Chicken with leeks and lemon accompanied by baked finger eggplants, yogurt and cucumber.  Super delicious.  The book is filled with beautiful images that can’t help but entice one into a long list of recipes to try.  I highly recommend the book!

Thank you Amelia!


xx SG



Stefani Greenwood, Fields of flowers