Stefani Greenwood, Avocado planter

Stefani Greenwood, Avocado planter

When I get overwhelmed with energy it helps if I focus on making something.

Type 1 / Making Things energy is calming and focused, everything is okay, you are alive and feel really good kind of energy.

Type 2 / Overwhelming energy is one that is toe tapping, walking around like a weirdo between rooms wondering what what you are doing, having 200 tabs open on your computer and looking at the clock a lot.

The other day I was experiencing number 2 energy and I was walking around, room to room (a symptom, a clue of #2) and saw some avocado skins on the sink.  Make something I said to myself! And voila… a celebration of the clover, recycling and glitter!  A reminder to think about the lighting and water needs of your plants because I didn’t and this baby got a little too much sun and not enough water or could it have been the glitter in the soil?  Hmmm.

Other energy ideas involving dried avocado skins – make a candle, paint a scene, use it for change, sit on them and record the sounds – What are your ideas?

xx SG


stefani greenwood