One of the very best things in the world is a Rob Brezsny horoscope.  My email box throws a handful of glitter once a week when it receives his note.  He also has an extended horoscope that I just bought myself and it left me feeling focused and reflective (there was mention of a divine ally, being concise about desire and ballsy astrological aspects).  I really encourage you to sign up for his weekly horoscope that will be delivered to your email box and then once you are hooked make an account and get an extended reading.  His voice will feel so close!

Here are our weekly horoscopes:

GD/Cancer: Busy editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano was asked in an interview what she does when she’s not working at her demanding job. She said she likes to gets together with her “article club,” which is like a book club, except it’s for people who don’t have time to read anything longer than articles. I would approve of you seeking out short-cut pleasures like that in the next few weeks, Cancerian. It’s one of those phases in your astrological cycle when you have a poetic license to skip a few steps, avoid some of the boring details, and take leaps of faith that allow you to bypass complicated hassles.

SG/Sagittarius: In the 1960 Olympics at Rome, Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila was barefoot as he won a gold medal in the marathon race. Four years later, at the summer games in Tokyo, he won a gold medal again, this time while wearing shoes. I’m guessing this theme might apply to you and your life in the coming weeks. You have the potential to score another victory in a situation where you have triumphed in the past. And I think it’s even more likely to happen if you vary some fundamental detail, as Bikila did.

Could this be me?

xx SG

Blue Berry Land, Stefani Greenwood, Photography