I spent a lot of time at Bard on my bike this summer. Here are some of the places I would ride past/visit frequently.


1. This is the lawn in front of my dorm building. That is the earth (ok, so that’s an inflatable¬†globe that found its way into¬†different spaces throughout the summer).


2. This is Blithewood, and behind Blithewood is the Hudson River.


3. This is the community garden which fed me nearly every day. It’s one of my favorite places on campus. I made myself a kale, blueberry, banana, coconut water smoothie every morning with fresh kale and blueberries from this garden. The garden even has a resident cat.


4. This was my studio this summer. I loved everything about it (except for the spiders and the wasps).


I recently updated my website with some of the things I was working on while I was there this summer. Take a look, if you please: LINK.


xx GD


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