This is how I was taught to make coffee for my parents when I was 7 and this is part of my daily morning ritual now. I want to try to tell you what this means to me but I think it’s better if you read this:

The aroma of coffee is a return to and a bringing back of first things because it is the offspring of the primordial. It’s a journey, begun thousands of years ago, that still goes on. Coffee is a place. Coffee is pores that let the inside seep through to the outside. A separation that unites what can’t be united except through its aroma. Coffee is not for weaning. On the contrary, coffee is a breast that nourishes men deeply. A morning born of a bitter taste. The milk of manhood. Coffee is geography.

– from Mahmoud Darwish’s Memory for Forgetfulness, a meditation on coffee, war, memory, and more.


xx GD

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