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Sometimes you get lucky.  On our way back from the bay area I wanted to stop to see the Circus Trees that CLUI clued me into.  (Side Note CLUI – the center for land use interpretation – is totally amazing and they have the best map that features really cool stuff to see all around. A must check before any trip!)  I didn’t realize that the Circus Trees were in a place called Gilroy Gardens, a family theme park or that the gate would say open but would be closed.  We drove around the side, parked the car and walked in a side entrance.  We strolled the grounds on a private tour except for the landscape maintenance crew.  It was a dream.

The circus trees were created and grafted by a man named Axel Erlandson over a span of 40 years.  He said he had been divinely inspired and indeed they did seem unearthly.

You know when you see a tree that looks like it has been split and then forced to grow in a certain way? I recently found out that is called Espalier.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture but recently I saw an apple tree that was espaliered.  Part of me loves the way it looks and part of me feels badly for the tree.  Humans must control nature – well, humans must control. What is great is that when fruit grows it is all set up in a neat line – easy picking!  Check out some interesting other tree related curiosities… LINK

Also, check out this slideshow over at Architectural Digest on some of the coolest topiary gardens!

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Stefani Greenwood, Carnivorous Plant
Stefani Greenwood, Lidewij Edelkoort, Computer portrait