stefani greenwood, tarot card

You have a long list of things to do today sure, but you can always fit an online reading in!  (There are so many things you can push to tomorrow so you can figure today out!) It is free and will feel unbelievably strange when everything starts making sense while gazing into your screen and then inward into your past, present and F U T U R E. Or not… but if that is the case just do it again because the answers that you want await you by your personal online oracle.

PS.  I know this is a sassy post but online tarot is so sassy. And according to the site: “This program is very real since it just shuffles the cards, it is you the one who selects them.”  Tell me what you think.

Oh and also have you heard the word Futurology? I like that word.


stefani greenwood, things that do and do not exist