Pear, Stefani Greenwood, Photography

Stefani Greenwood, Photography, Galette

As you know Gilda and I get a CSA box from Abundant Harvest and boy has it been G L O R I O U S lately.  Two things happened last week:

1.  I proclaimed that I didn’t like cooking and baking.

2.  We got beautiful pears in our CSA box.

I was shocked by my proclamation and decided that it was this rash stress monster that lives inside of me talking.  So I decided to try making a Pear Galette (say it here).  It was good – a bit doughie (my fault for not rolling out enough) and I think I would prefer a different crispier crust but I will work on it.  Although I would prefer a thinner crust my cat lefty who loves pastry seemed to thoroughly enjoy it! This week I proclaim:

1.  I like baking!

xx SG